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Several days before surgery

• Gather relevant insurance information, including completed forms and your health plan insurance card or Medicare card, and bring them with you the day of your surgery.

• Make certain that, if your health plan requires it, you have obtained approval, or pre-certification for your surgery.

• One of our nurses will be calling you to compile a health history.

• You will be contacted the day prior to surgery to inform you of your arrival time. Your arrival time is approximately one hour before surgery.

• Make dependable arrangements with a friend or relative to drive you home after your surgery. You will not be released to drive yourself home, if you have had anesthesia or pain medication.

• Make arrangements for a friend or relative to stay with you for the remainder of the day and
the night following your surgery.

• Make dependable arrangements for child care, if you have children.

• If you are on medication, check with the surgeon to see whether you should take it the night or morning before your surgery.

• If you have any health changes prior to your surgery, such as minor elevations in your temperature, a rash, a cold or cough, contact your surgeon at Lakeshore Surgicare immediately.

• If you suspect that you are pregnant, contact your surgeon; medications may be harmful to
your developing child.

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