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The day of your surgery

• Please arrive one hour ahead of your scheduled surgery, unless otherwise instructed.

• Check in at the Reception Desk, where we will review your insurance information.

• Please bring a photo ID, such as a driver’s license and your insurance or Medicare card.
You will be asked for your insurance co-pay or deductible payment unless prior arrangements
have been made with our Patient Accounts representative.

• If you have other questions or concerns, please notify the nurse who helps prepare you for surgery. He or she will answer your questions or have your doctor visit you before you go to surgery.

• After your surgery, when you are awake, a friend or family member may join you in the
Phase II Recovery Area.

• When you are fully awake and alert and it is safe to do so, a staff member will go over
specific instructions for your at-home care and you will be discharged.

• Upon discharge, a friend or family member must take you home and should stay with you for 24 hours. You will not be released to drive yourself home, if you have had general anesthesia, sedation or pain medication.

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